The Golf Scene in St Andrews

As the Kilted Caddie reveals, the golf scene in St Andrews is a bit of a strange beast altogether, with its plethora of clubs and societies and the subtle rights of access to play the most famous golf course in the world

The St Andrews Ladies Putting Club

This egalitarian legislation has backfired a bit more so however and a bit more seriously so in my opinion across the way at the Royal and Ancient. This is why. Ladies, unless they are Royal and Ancient members, are now no longer able to dine at the fine tables of Forgan House, the Royal and Ancient’s new luxury pad by the eighteenth green. This right has been quickly withdrawn, and I suppose you could say that it’s a bit of tit for tat. But it’s all very unfortunate that it’s come to this. I suppose the ladies could pile into St Rules for lunch and meet the gents for fag breaks outside or something like that?

I did drop by St Rule’s the other day and was met at the door by a very nice gent indeed who I presumed was the Manager. However, when I enquired if they had gentlemen associate members I was met with a most resolute ‘No’ and I had a distinct feeling that he’d wished the question had not been asked. Now that’s a shame as I think the Kilted Caddie could have made a bit of a splash there. I indeed enjoy my game of bridge, and the book club would be well up my street.

Another ‘club’ in town that I really want to get invited to is the group that plays annually for the Lammas Cup. These twenty-four former Madras School pupils play first thing on the Old Course, on the second Tuesday in August each year which the start of the Lammas Fair is. Now, this was judiciously chosen as it was the only day under the old Licensing Laws that the bars were open all day. They now have 6 allotted annual times on the Old for their match, and people come from all over the country to play in it. The winner gets a rather dashing and splendid tartan jacket to wear and a handsome cup which resides in the Keys Bar. There is a designated pub crawl after the game which follows a traditional path, and I think ends up in the Whey Pat? Or should I say they think it ends up in the Whey Pat? However, this fact has always been hard to pin down, let’s say.

Now, this really does sound like the club for me?


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