Sharpen Your Short Game with Dubuisson

The talented Frenchman boasts one of the best short games on the European Tour. Here, Victor Dubuisson explains how you can improve your skills around the green

The Frenchman is currently ranked No. 50 in the world rankings

Tools For the Job

So many amateurs try to force the ball up in the air when they’re around greens. They don’t let the bounce or the loft of the club do the work for them. Another problem is that many people haven’t had a proper custom fitting for their short game. Most people just use a standard sand wedge from their set. If they had a fitting, the fitter would be able to give them the loft and bounce they need for their technique, without having to change the way they chip, which makes it a lot easier.

General Rules

In terms of visualising the shot, it’s just experience and practice. You should have a set routine and make sure you keep things as simple as possible. If you’re trying to play a lob shot, your weight should be on the right. If you’re trying to play a low shot with spin, your weight should be on the left.

As a general rule, your weight should be on the left for most chip shots. You should also use a classic, neutral grip.


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