Becoming a Wilson Staff

The Kilted Caddie shares his club-fitting experience at Wilson Staff’s custom fit factory in Irvine, Scotland

Padraig HarringtonWilson is now owned by Amer, a Finnish company, who started off in tobacco but saw that the future lay more in sports, health and fitness. They now own the Atomic and Salomon ski brands and the gym equipment maker Precor. Now I would say that was a canny strategic move in this day and age. Indeed, right up my street as an ex-ski teacher. Of more interest, however, is the fact that Anta, the leading Chinese brand, has just made an offer for Amer.

The Wilson Staff clubs still have the highest number of Majors under their belt, and I do think they are the underrated brand in the marketplace. They have a new driver coming out in early October which is top secret at the moment, and which Andy enthuses wildly. They conducted a competition and invited entries from all driver design kids around the world. The process can be seen in the Wilson promo film and is exciting and enlightening.

So, they seem to be a winning team at the moment and indeed hot property with the huge Anta takeover bid. On a more prosaic level they now nominally have the Kilted Caddie on board. An unlikely and somewhat remarkable winner of the Willie Lamond Trophy at the weekend at the St Andrews Golf Club. No, not quite a European Tour victory and lots of bucks but a truly handsome trophy I must say. Added to this I’ve recorded to net handicap 66’s in my last two medals.

Yes, the Kilted Caddie is now well, and indeed a Wilson Staff clubsman.