Becoming a Wilson Staff

The Kilted Caddie shares his club-fitting experience at Wilson Staff’s custom fit factory in Irvine, Scotland

Englishman Paul Waring celebrates winning the Nordea Masters

So, in the swing centre, Andy started off by letting me hit a few balls to loosen off and critically watched me. The good news was that he wasn’t giving me the advice that he had to proffer to some people. I didn’t immediately have to go and seek golf instruction to set right issues which a new set of Wilson clubs could not.

Then came the in-depth analysis with the aid of numerous graphs and a minefield of data on an overhead screen. Average swing speeds, smash factors, spin rates, degrees of this and that, added to a somewhat encouraging graphic which showed a good deal of striking accuracy. Andy slightly enthused about my inside attack line, and I was beginning to feel rather buoyant. He changed shafts and heads and grips, hmm’d and hawwed a bit and then, low and behold, we had a completed order for a beautiful set of extra stiff shafted, V6 Tour Irons. I must say they are stunning, with a great feel and that blade look which reminds me of my Ben Hogan blades. I have since been showing them off around St Andrews to many favourable comments.

I was then shown around the very impressive workshop factory. It is indeed a slick operation and the staff all busy and in tremendous spirit. They serve the whole of Europe from here and customise about a thousand clubs a month. Of course, they attend to their stable of tour pros. Padraig Harrington, Paul Lawrie, Branden Steele and recent first-time winner Paul Waring, who recently captured the Nordea Masters, his first European Tour win.

I am just wondering if they will take the Kilted Caddie into their illustrious stable as a somewhat long shot bet? It could do wonders for their exposure in the Home of Golf, and I would be well up for it (even if my golf isn’t quite). I suppose it could be seen as a token gesture for a hopelessly addicted and struggling 10-handicapper with delusional issues.