12 Key Questions for 2017

Mike Wilson starts his new column Bunker Mentality by looking into its crystal ball and asks a dozen intriguing questions facing the game of golf

Will Tiger win again?

5. Will Tiger Ever Rule the Jungle Again?

Over the years, Bunker Mentality has been less-than-kind to one Eldrick Tont ‘Tiger’ Woods, and why not?

Great golfer, yes, the best ever, the jury is out, a force for the future of golf, not a chance. 

Less chance indeed than there was of the great man being the authentic family-man, whiter-than-while all-American sporting hero he purported to be, whilst, all the time, living a lie, conning not only the world but, more importantly, himself.

Tiger’s long-awaited and overdue comeback in his own appositely-named, self-congratulatory, ‘Hero World Challenge,’ – why else would the man not so long ago the most bankable sportsman on earth want to endorse a low-cost, Indian-made moped – saw a cameo performance that was once par for the course.

Woods shot a seven-under-par 65 in the second round, an echo of the past, but, wearing his Sunday red, carded a 76 to finish 15th out of 17 and a full 14-shots behind arguably the hottest property in golf as the new season starts, Japanese wunderkind Hideki Matsuyama.

Will Woods win again, quite probably, will he add a 15th ‘Major,’ possibly, will he equal, let alone break the Jack Nicklaus record of 18 of them, there’s more chance of me winning the monthly medal!


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