HK Golfer x Pinnacle BLACK

Louie Chan will work with Pinnacle BLACK for a 12-week strength and conditioning training programme to improve his golf game and performance and lower his golf handicap as the ultimate goal

Split Squat

When performed properly, this exercise is fantastic for lateral hip stability and strength. As Louie displays here, his chest and torso are aligned directly above his back knee. As Louie stands, his hip and leg musculature is worked appropriately, providing he retains his perfect posture which is tough! This exercise can be loaded with weight which is an aim for Louie, and we are starting with 3 sets of 8 repetitions each side, with a slight pause at the top of the movement.

James Honey is an S&C Coach at Pinnacle BLACK, and also the Lead S&C Coach for Hong Kong Golf Association. Contact him today for a complimentary Pinnacle Golf Screening session and trial week at Pinnacle BLACK! Please contact or visit their website at


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