HK Golfer x Pinnacle BLACK

Louie Chan will work with Pinnacle BLACK for a 12-week strength and conditioning training programme to improve his golf game and performance and lower his golf handicap as the ultimate goal

The Pinnacle Golf Screening is an hour-long protocol specifically designed to assess the most relevant areas of strength, stability, mobility and work capacity for a golfer of any level, all tests scored from 1-5. We have included a selection of Louie’s best and worst measures here to display his priority areas, as can be seen there are a couple that were very obvious to begin with! Louie had fantastic mobility through his thoracic spine and shoulders, which requires no improvement. Louie’s main areas of focus were his strength deficit, and what will be a focus here is his hip strength. The capacity to stabilise and control hip movement in a golf swing is paramount, and Louie’s baseline strength in all areas of his hips was sub-par for golf performance. The following are some of the key exercises we would utilise for creating initial improvement here.


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