Be Assured … and Insured

Rupert Smith of Complete RPI gives a full overview of insuring your UK property

Welcome to my latest article discussing the hot topic of residential property investment, letting, management and sale in the United Kingdom. Please take a look at the HK Golfer website to access all previous articles on the subject.

My name is Rupert Smith and I am the founding director of Complete Residential Property Investments Ltd (hereinafter CRPI). We are a specialist property investment company offering a unique and results-orientated commercial approach to UK property Investment.

Established in April 2001 I have built up the business based upon a results-orientated commercial approach to the ownership of UK residential investment property.

The topic of discussion in this issue is that of insurance, and like all insurance this always seems expensive until such time it is actually required and then invariably it seems cheap!

In my experience this area is one that amazingly seems to be forgotten and rears its ugly head when it’s too late … most property managers in the UK are not licenced to sell insurance products unless they are registered to do so and the topic seems to fall into the abyss.

Protecting Your Investment

For clarity sake most owners of investment property perceive that the property is insured through payment of Block Service Charge in an apartment building, which is not always the case. Generally this policy would insure the fabric of the overall building, not your specific property.


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