Cornwall: In the footsteps of giants (Part 2)

Continuing his search for the hidden gems created by the designers of the Golden Age, Charles McLaughlin heads for deepest Cornwall

Trevose 4th Green

We left south Devon behind as we made our way across Dartmoor, en route to the far Southwest and the delights of Cornwall. This beautiful corner of England has been an escape for the great and good for centuries, seeking a quieter and slower paced lifestyle, and it remains so to this day.

Several years ago, some of the top tracks on the coast from Cornwall to Somerset via north Devon got together and formed the aptly named “England’s Atlantic Links”. Their efforts have been instrumental in raising awareness of the heritage and sheer quality of the courses in this criminally overlooked part of the global golfing map. As is often the case, a fair amount of driving is required to get from track to track, but given the beauty of the scenery it’s no great hardship.


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