HK Golfer x Pinnacle BLACK - Part 2

Louie Chan, Managing Editor of HK Golfer, has reached the half way point of his 12-week strength and conditioning training programme to improve his golf game. James Honey, an S&C Coach at Pinnacle BLACK, comments on Louie’s progress

James Honey

The best athletes in the world all have one thing in common - excelling at the basics. Louie’s focus has been to do just this, to take control of his body, to move freely and with control. The Pinnacle Golf Screening allowed us to focus our training on Louie’s areas of top priority, and consistency with training has begun the process of turning Louie from an occasional social golfer, into a fledgling golf athlete.

Louie has been training hard for eight weeks now, with significant progress in the gym and on the course. The foundation for all rotational athletes, such as golfers, is control over the torso and spine, which is just what Louie has been prioritising every training session. As can be seen in the exercises on the following page, strengthening basic trunk positions and patterns has a great effect in all components of a golf swing. Being able to flex, extend, rotate, and control force with complete fluency creates the hallmark of a perfect swing, and Louie has worked very hard to ensure that he is gaining full segmental stability and control of his spine so far.


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