The Longest Hole - The Finale

Former Hong Kong rugby player Adam Rolston and caddie-friend Ron Rutland have finished the longest hole in golf after 80 days and 20,093 shots across Mongolia. Rolston rolled in a tricky eight-foot putt on the 18th green of the Mt Bogd Golf Club in Ulaanbaatar, to bring to an end the strangest hole in golfing history.…

"I suffered for a couple of weeks with pretty bad back spasms and probably the stiffest neck I have ever had… But, there was never one second, we thought we wouldn't make it. Ron was a hero. He only recently came off from a hip surgery ten-month before this trip! And he will probably require a full replacement in the next few months... What he accomplished is something superhuman. There are only a handful of people who have walked across Mongolia, and he did it pulling a 100kg cart. A remarkable feat."


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