A Beefeater's Delight

After a successful launch of “A Beefeater’s Delight” with BBC TV Chef Ken Hom at The Globe restaurant, six Hong Kong restaurants/bars are now serving savoury English beef dishes paired with refreshing craft beers from the UK

Voted one of the top 21 best beer bars in the world, The Globe is featuring this amazing 10oz Ashdale Farm Rib Eye with Tiny Rebel Cwtch

The promotion, sponsored by the Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), is running until 21 November at 2nd Draft, Brewdog, Penthouse, The Globe, The Bottle Shop and SNKRHOLIC.

Fun Beef Facts:

- England perfected the art of eating beef as early as the 17th century. Since that time cattle in England have been specifically raised for beef and the most famous breeds – the Angus, Hereford, the Shorthorn, the Longhorn – are all originally from the UK.

Snkrholic, located near the Sneaker Street in Mongkok, has a very tidy selection of craft beers. Their Great British Burger goes pretty well with an interesting mix of UK labels


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