The Racing Bird

The Bell & Ross adventure started in a cockpit with watch designs that were directly inspired by flight instruments and the golden age of aviation. Inspired by the brand's BR-Bird racing plane design, the Racing Bird three-hand and chronograph watches are a modern and colourful take on traditional pilot's watch

BR V2-94 Racing Bird Chronograph

Announced as part of the unveiling of a new conceptual racing plane design from Bell & Ross' design studio, a flying machine that features spectacular lines, two new Racing Bird watches inspired by this aircraft have become the symbols of the brand’s passion for aviation and creativity. With the BR V1-92 three-hander and the BR V2-94 Racing Bird Chronograph, these new watches are meant to connect with the design language of the BR-Bird racing plane. Following designs for race cars and motorcycles, the BR-Bird is the latest out of Bell & Ross's internal design studio, offering a svelte propeller-driven racing plane meant to compete at the Reno Air Races. While the BR-Bird is only a conceptual design study, the Racing Bird watches are entirely real limited-edition pieces and regardless of the inspiration, both are fun, and distinct editions within Bell & Ross' BR V1 and V2 model ranges. 

Looking specifically at the Racing Bird V1-92, we find a pilot's watch with a crisp white dial, blue, grey, and orange accents, and an open ‘three day’ date display that is meant to elicit the look and feel of an airplane gauge. It's hard not to understand the appeal of a relatively simple but nicely detailed pilot's watch, and the BR V1-92 Racing Bird does a remarkable job of matching the design language set forth by the renderings of the BR-Bird design.

The Racing Bird V1-92 is a pilot's watch


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