Talking with Big Easy

Louie Chan talks to the Four-time Major winner and President’s Cup Captain at the Grand Opening of Royal Greens Golf and Country Club in Saudi Arabia

Ernie Els gives a golfing demonstration to local school children

Louie Chan: How are you enjoying your first time in Saudi Arabia?

Ernie Els: Yeah, my first time to Saudi Arabia. I was really excited to get the call to come here. I’ve heard of King Abdulla Economic City through the years now, and I was keen to come and see what they have done. I wouldn’t say I’m surprised, but I’m delighted I came because I really think they got it right. The golf course is really good. They have a great facility here at Royal Greens. It’s a wonderful spot. I’m glad I came.

LC: Tell us a little bit about what you think of some of the signature holes, the 15th and 16th.

EE: You start out here at the clubhouse, and you play a bit of desert golf, so to speak, with quite a few water hazards. They have a great balance through the course – right to lefts and left to rights – but the real treat is when you get out to 16. The beautiful 16th hole on the Red Sea. You think you’re on some island somewhere in the Caribbean with the watercolour and the contrast. It’s wonderful, and it’s a pretty tricky hole. So, the back nine is really picturesque but so is the whole of golf course. You don’t see too many holes where you go out to the ocean, so I thought that [the 16th] was a great addition to the course.


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