Fees, Fees, and More Fees …

Taking a commercial view pays dividends in the long term, writes Rupert Smith, founder of Complete RPI

Your Property, Our Priority

Let Complete RPI overview your UK property free of charge and answer the following questions:

- Is your property under-let? We increased our rental income for client's by 7% last year, did your agent?
- Have you contracted with the most up to date tenancy agreement? Changes in legislation occur daily.
- We only charge monthly fees, are you paying up front? We charge a monthly Letting & Management Fee and no up-front fees, does your agent do the same?
- We offer free rental guarantee insurance, does your agent?
- Is your property inspected every three months by an independent inventory clerk? If not it should be and we pay the cost. Does your agent?
- Do you have 24 hr access to your very own bespoke online property platform which allows you to view all aspects of your property including management statements, invoices, interim inspection reports, values, gearing ratios, etc ... at Complete RPI this is standard.

The answers to these questions and many more could both save you money and increase the return on your capital invested.

Please call us on +852-9307-0337 or write to info@completerpi.com


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