Buying a Vineyard as a Syndicate

Sharing the cost of vineyard ownership can be an alluring option for investors, say Virtuoso Property Group

What are the benefits for Syndicate members?

- Outright ownership: Syndicate members are the owners of the vineyard and the business. The investment is in underlying physical assets - bricks and mortar.

- No day-to-day hassle of business management: With the support from the founding members, including Virtuoso, the Syndicate appoints a management team, which in turn runs the business as per an agreed business plan – from vineyard management, to wine production, staff management and marketing and sale of wines.

- Customise the Château to own taste: In this instance, the interior of the Château is refurbished to the Syndicate members’ high standards including putting in modern facilities – swimming pool, tasting room etc. The entire upgrade will be outsourced to the management team for professional execution. It is budgeted upfront.

- Wine allocation: Allocation on a priority basis of the own label wines.

- Exclusive use of facilities and perks: Exclusive access to facilities such as Château, annual wine dinners, wine courses, full concierge service and circle of friends concepts.

- Structural benefits: This particular Syndicate entails upfront investment and no annual cost or maintenance charges. Additional investment incentives such as tax relief for certain jurisdictions.


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