Dial in your Wedges

Driving the ball 300-yards is all well and good, but in order to shoot really low scores you have to manage your distance control with the shorter irons

Brad SchadewitzLiu Lok Tin has been making steady progress with his golf over the past few months, but one of the most challenging parts of the game for him, as with many growing teenagers, has been in the short game department, particularly with his wedges. While Lok Tin’s rapid physical growth—at 6 foot 4 inches he’s one of the most strapping 14-year-old’s around— has undoubtedly helped him become an impressively powerful player, the finesse and feel shots that are so important for low scoring have presented a few problems from time to time.
Lok Tin and I have worked very hard making sure his fundamentals are sound, especially his posture, which is a common issue for taller players. It quickly became obvious that one of his biggest problems was distance control—and not being able to control the distance of your wedges is obviously detrimental to low scoring. A 300-yard drive is not much good if you miss the green from only one hundred yards away.
Below are some of the simple fundamentals that we are working on to help Lok Tin dial in those wedge shots and therefore dramatically improve his scoring.


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