The Unlikely Golf Lesson

The Kilted Caddie reminisces about an unlikely 40-second lesson that fixed his golf swing woes, which had haunted him for 40 years…

A gentleman called Sean from Ohio who as a youngster had played alongside (and beaten) Zach Johnson, turned out to be the philosopher’s stone of the golf swing for the Kilted Caddie

My nickname was 'Loopy Lou' and it got into my soul. It challenged my person. Freud would have had a field day with me. But I lived with this all summer long and throughout my most formative years.

I will add that I did surprisingly manage to get down to a three handicap with this technique but that was just down to sheer hard work and a fortunate degree of natural hand-eye coordination. I even somehow won my Junior Championship, got into the St Andrews University first team and once in a club match (to his utter dismay) hammered the future Scottish team captain Scott Knowles 7 and 6 over his home course. However, my game was massively erratic and I do believe honestly, that it underlies a highly charged and whimsical aspect of my nature. Although I am not truly sure what gave rise to what?

At the core of me though I believe is simply poor golf coaching.

For a couple of decades, I read up on technique and went through numerous teachers. I must have been as equally frustrating to them as their lessons were to me. I had (still have!) nightmares about the principle of the ‘one piece takeaway’. But it was no good. I spent hundreds, thousands on lessons and to no avail. It was desperate and my game went through troughs and peaks which made the Tour de France look like a cycle in the Fens. I have had more swing thoughts and changes than deleted Hilary Clinton emails.

The funniest thing was that I actually got a job teaching golf for Club Med one summer. Funny on two levels because I had to teach it in French and because I had no real idea or understanding of what I was doing. I feel very guilty about this. So, if you do happen to come across a French national with a weird and wonderful swing you could mention Marbella 1992 and this may elicit a very surprised look. Please don’t give my whereabouts though.

So, this has gone on throughout my entire 40-year golfing career and most of my life.


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