Understanding Comebacks

Comebacks are always riveting because the revival of a forgotten man always makes a compelling human story. As Calvin Koh writes, we cheer them because we can all identify with the feeling of loss and subsequently celebrate the triumph of the human spirit

Calvin Koh (right) talks with Australia’s Todd Sinnott

After getting up and down and splashing his ball to within 10 feet of the hole, questions abound in those minutes which seem like hours.

Can he hold his nerve with the staring cameras, a title on the line and a seemingly easy putt to win and erase years of heartbreak?

At the end, the answer lied in Gangjee’s sheer will power.

“Everyone will play their part in helping you out, the caddie, the mother, the father, the wife, friends. But more than anything else, you have to want it. And that has kept me going.

And when you finally deliver, it’s a very big thing,” he said.


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