Top 10 Tubbies

Mak Lok-lin rues the departure of his favourite fatty and ponders some other overweight golfing achievers

It had to happen. John Daly missed yet another cut – at Torrey Pines in January – and announced that he was done with golf. It seemed especially sad to me, as not only was I witnessing the exit of one of the few characters left in the game, I was also seeing the (considerable) back of probably the only current player fatter than I am!
In an attempt at on-course trendiness I once splurged my pay packet on a shirt from Guess, and all my playing partner could say was, “200 kilos?” The only “thin” elements in my game are the chips I regularly shoot through the back of the green and I lost my chance for Hollywood fame when I failed to lose enough weight to play Jabba The Hutt in Star Wars. (Editor’s Note: It’s true, Lok-lin’s enormous; we would wide-berth him in the office if it was possible).
As I chewed on my cheeseburger (a hefty two pounder with extra cheddar, of course) and chugged down a bottle of trans-fat un-health drink at the halfway house, I began to ponder about Daly and the other heavy hitters the game has seen over the years…


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