The Tipping Point

The Kilted Caddie explains why the subject of caddie tips is sacrosanct…

Barack ObamaTo be honest, I wouldn’t have been the chosen caddie anyway as they went for an experienced older character who I dare say was a safe and reasonable choice.

However, they should have chosen a man called Tom Stevenson. Cologne Tom as I call him is the most charismatic, affable, individual, amusing, knowledgeable, interesting, erudite, distinguished looking and eccentric chap ever to have pulled on a caddie bib. To boot, he was a +3-handicap golfer. In fact, there is a rumour going around that Tom sometimes declines to accept pay for his work!

Anyway, I am sure he would have hugely impressed the ex-president and help brighten the image of the St Andrews caddie across the pond.

He certainly would have been my tip, alongside bin 555, for that beautiful sunny June day.

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