Tiffany Chan

Hong Kong's standout female golfer, still only 17, talks to David Cunningham III about the state of her game and her future goals

What are your future goals?
To attend university in the United States and play college golf because I believe the high level of competition with really help improve my game, which will contribute to my next goal – making it on to the LPGA Tour. I know that this will be a very difficult task but nothing can hinder my ambition and my drive to succeed. I will never give up until I have reached the top.

What advice would you give aspiring junior golfers in Hong Kong?
If you have a goal, go for it! Put all that you possibly can into achieving that goal and your hard work will pay off. Set an aim for yourself and strive to be the best you can possibly be.

How often do you practice?
I meet with Brad every Monday at the Asia Golf driving range and every Sunday in our weekly [national] squad game. I'm really lucky to be able to play on many different courses in Hong Kong. Recently I have been working on my distance and short game. I probably go to the range four to five times a week.

What about gym time?
I have been training in the gym for three years now. I have no doubt that fitness is essential to success in competitive golf. My fitness trainer, Kape Sieber, and I have been working on my overall balance and stabilization because a solid base is essential to a consistent, repeatable swing. My overall fitness level has improved a lot.

Who is your favourite professional golfer?
Rory McIlroy – I really admire him for all that he has achieved at such a young age. I really like the way he approaches the game, especially his fearless attitude. I would like to ask him about what happened at this year's Masters. It would be really interesting to hear his thoughts.

Do you have a favourite course?
My favourite in Hong Kong is Discovery Bay and my favourite in the world is Torrey Pines in California. I really enjoy both these courses because they are challenging and beautiful, being set on hilly terrain next to the ocean. The views and scenery are amazing on both.

David Cunningham III lives in Hong Kong and writes about junior golf on his website,