The Hole in One

For the hole in one has mystical and magical resonances. As the Kilted Caddie writes, it is our Dead Sea Scrolls, and can raise an ordinary golf club member to God like status in a stroke… 

Andrew Magee made the only hole in one at a Par 4 in the entire history of the PGA Tour, which happened on the 17th at TPC Scottsdale in the 2001 Phoenix Open

At the Martini International in 1971, an English journeyman Pro John Hudson holed in one on the Par 3 twelfth and picked out his driver on the Par 4 next, hitting into the hole again, for the only recorded consecutive hole in one. Quite a feat.

There have been five recorded holes-in-one on Par 5’s by all accounts and most at dog legs. However, at these accomplishments, I stand in absolute awe and with a marginal degree of incredulity.

And for certain, if any human can carry a drive across St Andrews Bay and into the hole on the Par 5 last at the Castle Course in St Andrews, then I would have to call that most ghostly, if not Lordly. In fact, I would name a car after it - A McLaren Testirustiuresti.

But I am now getting carried away!

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