2018 - It's a Dog's Life

Whilst the PGA TOUR and the European Tour commence their seasons in October and December respectively and not necessarily in their native territory, the Asian Tour and the LPGA schedules follow the calendar year, both starting on home soil. But, as Mike Wilson writes, irrespective of who starts where, and when it will be interesting to see who barks and who bites during the Chinese Year of the Dog

Dane Thomas Bjørn is leading his 12 good men and true into battle

However, if season 2018 played mostly in the Year of the Dog may, on the surface be resembling something of a canine’s dinner, there is always the hair of the dog. The Ryder Cup, to be staged near Paris for the first time, the biennial hostilities between the best of Europe and the finest the USA can assemble is an event whose bite is invariably stronger than its bark.

Two cranky old-stagers, Dane Thomas Bjørn and American Jim Furyk leading their 12 good men and true into battle, following the USA’s 17-11 humiliation of Darren Clarke’s Team Europe. Bjørn, whose trial run as captain is at the EurAsia Cup in KL this month will be eager - indeed desperate - to extending Europe’s record to seven straight home wins and that is one not to be missed.

Whether it is a case of cabin fever, a symptom perhaps arising out of being force-fed too much golf that is good for the soul - and the game - is unclear. But, just when one thinks about the end of the line, up pops a Ryder Cup, backed-up by the four ‘Majors,’ and a strong men’s and women’s schedule in Asia and life, it seems may not be that bad after all, like teaching an old dog to do new tricks.


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