Kingdom? Come!

With over 50 golf courses in its midst, the Kingdom of Fife can count itself a fully-paid-up member of the aristocracy of the royal and ancient game, much more than simply the Old Course and St. Andrews. As Mike Wilson writes, there can be no better place on Planet Earth to enjoy the unrivalled authenticity of the area the game of golf calls, 'Home'

The 6th hole has a contemporary touch

Then we have the weather question.

Forget the myth about four seasons in one day. The truth is that the east coast of Scotland, which the Kingdom of Fife forms a considerable chunk, actually has some of the best climatic conditions in the country.

According to the Met Office data, St Andrews enjoys more annual hours of sunshine than London and lower yearly rainfall than Paris. Whilst the Fife Coast has 31% more sunshine hours than the Scottish and 14% more than the UK on average, receiving only 43% of the average Scottish rainfall, and just 58% of the UK median.

In Spring, changeable weather can be expected, with many sunny intervals interspersed with occasional light rain showers. Whilst summer days - which can last for up to 19 hours of daylight - are generally warm and sunny, with teasing sea breezes testing those golfing out on the links.


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