Asia's Most Memorable Golfing Experiences

There’s playing golf - and then there’s really experiencing this greatest of games. Alex Jenkins provides a checklist of what avid Asia-based golfers might wish to sample before they sign their final scorecard

The famous Fanling verandah and clubhouse

Grab a Table on the Verandah

Is there a more enjoyable place to settle in for a few post-round libations than the verandah at the Hong Kong Golf Club? We really don’t think so - and the pros would seem to agree. During the Hong Kong Open, the players’ lounge, located away from the public within the confines of the clubhouse, is empty because they’re all hanging out on this most convivial piece of colonial architecture, gorging on Singapore Noodles (in the running for Hong Kong’s finest), supping glasses of gunner and chatting merrily amongst each other about the merits of flying Business Class on Emirates (“great telly”) and the differences between the BMW M4 Coupe and the BMW M6 Gran Coupe (“about thirty grand”).

That changes somewhat on the Sunday afternoon when the gunners are replaced by flagons of the sponsors’ brew and the conversation turns to the merits of the ladies serving it up and why Jiménez always excels at Fanling (“that five-yard draw of his sets him up perfectly”).

With or without the pros and their insightful chat, the verandah is really unmatched by any 19th hole in the Eastern Hemisphere.


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