Final Shot with Yannick Artigolle

Louie Chan talks to the 2017 Hong Kong Junior Open champion about his junior golf career, plan to play college golf in the States and dream of turning Pro

Yannick Artigolle

When did you start playing – and where?

I start playing when I was 6 at Kau Sai Chau. 

How often do you play?

In Loretto Golf Academy (Scotland), I practice about 4 to 5 times a week for two hours. 

What's been your best ever round?

My best rounds have been in Scotland where I shot 8-under at St Andrew's Eden Course. I also shot 8-under at my home course in Scotland - Craigielaw Golf Club. Both were only a few months apart around 4 months ago. Also, both were in tournament conditions which is a plus! 

How would you describe your junior golf career so far?

I have to say my career is doing well. I've really been working on my mental game and I feel that it's been helping me loads. One achievement I have this season is not losing a single match play! I am also pleased with myself that I haven't shot in the eighties in a while.


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